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Time 2 Talk

Problems communicating?

  • Can't live under the same roof?
  • Do you hate going home?
  • Missing your home/family?
  • Difficulties seeing grandchildren/grandparents?
  • Dread your child coming in or not coming in?
  • Are you at your wits end?

Constant battles over:

  • house rules?
  • money?
  • studying?
  • alcohol?

Every family has arguments from time to time, particularly teenagers and parents. Sometimes this can lead to family breakdown. Time 2 Talk helps people to talk and listen to each other, and work towards better communication and understanding. We offer help to improve/restore communications with your family, whoever you consider your family to be - whether living together or apart.

Individual Meetings:

We can talk to you on your own about family difficulties.

Indirect/Shuttle Mediation:

We can help you to re-establish contact or simply stay in contact with your family, by passing information backwards and forwards.

Joint Meetings:

Mediators can bring you and your family together to discuss relationships in a safe space.

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