Online Gambling Vs. Casino, which is Better?

  • Jun 15, 2020

Is there a better way to gamble? Now that the Internet has taken on board every single gambling option and winning over players that prefer easier access to games, we look at the two very different, yet very similar businesses. Do you go real and venture to a land-based casino, or do you just fire-up your device and play online?

The World of Online Casinos

Online gambling has now been around for nearly 25 years, the first online bookie was way back in 1996. There’s no doubt that since then the industry has boomed considerably, especially in the past decade given the expanse of the business, marketing, sponsorship and innovative technology that has all made gambling online bigger, better and more accessible.

The state of the industry is flourishing on a global scale, with new laws changing and adapting to meet the demands of the public that which to enjoy safe and fun games.

As recent as 2011, South African gambling laws abolished any ban and made betting online legal, as such the market is one of the newest on the planet and players looking for the best casinos can take their pick from multiple options which are found on sites such as the following.

Playing Portable Casinos Online

With online access, the casino is always there. Players now have a casino that fits in their homes and in their pockets as all the best casinos are made to adapt to the latest technology. The force behind the act of gambling is the games and there is no question that one individual site can contain more gaming options that 10 land-based casinos put together. Players still can access all the classic traditional games like poker, roulette and blackjack, but they also have hundreds upon hundreds of online slot machines to enjoy and progressive jackpot features that contain prizes that go into their millions.

The addition of sports betting has been the real boost behind the appeal and popularity of the casino in the past decade. This option is void of any general casino and it presents a wider market of sport than any high street bookie.

Online gaming is all about the convenience, you can load games up in an instant, deposit money with secured banking services, players are treated to bonuses and promotions and there are the opportunities to take part in tournament play. Essentially, everything you could want as a player is made available in an instant.

Take a Seat at a Real Casino Table

Despite the enormous success of the online gambling model, casinos that are land-based are still in business, only a matter of time? With nearly everything else on the street disappearing, you could say it is only a matter of time unless they can come up with something smart with added ingenuity.

Real casinos are very much about the class, atmosphere and sense of experience. There is indeed nothing like the thrill and dread of playing at a live table, those available to players online against the streaming host, the reality cannot be beaten when you are there, taking part and holding the cards in your hands.

The gaming numbers are limited, but players do have the full range of options at their disposal. There are tournaments that take place during certain events and there are free drinks available, but the level of free gaming is non-existent.

The real casino and the online one are very much worlds apart, but who’s to say you can’t have the best of both worlds? For us, there is no winner in terms of casino, the true winner is the player enjoying the benefits of each casino.